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Janice’s online poetry workshop is a unique opportunity to join an affordably-priced online writing workshop. For only $34.99 a month, you get:

  • Improve your poetry and writing through personalized critiques from a published poet who holds an MFA in poetry and creative writing from Columbia University. 
  • Attend live Zoom poetry workshops each month where you’ll learn to read critically and edit your work. Select poems will be workshopped live each month!
  • Enjoy access to on-demand masterclass lessons on the craft of writing.
  • Share your work and grow as a writer.
  • All writers are welcome! Whether you want to be a poet, non-fiction writer, or fiction writer, poetry gives you a chance to look at your writing at the level of the sentence. Get close feedback on your work, at the level of the sentence, when you join Janice’s Online Poetry Workshop.

Join Janice’s Online Poetry Workshop today for only $34.99 a month.

What’s Included in Monthly Membership in Our Online Poetry Workshop?

When you join Janice’s Online Poetry Workshop you get so much! For only $34.99 a month, here’s what’s included:

  • Personalized Feedback on your writing. Submit one poem each month, and receive personalized critique from your instructor, Janice Greenwood, a published poet who holds an MFA in poetry from Columbia University. Get your poems ready for publication or learn more about common pitfalls in your sentences, word choice, writing, and more. 
  • Zoom Writing Workshop Every Month. On the last Sunday of every month, Janice Greenwood will host a live workshop exclusively for members. Learn how to read a poem as a writer, gain insight into new tools to improve your writing, and discover ways to edit and fine-tune your poems. (Live online poetry workshops are recorded and sent to students after the class and will be made available to members.)
  • Members-Only Forum. Join a community of writers and get feedback from peers through our members-only forum.
  • Share Your Work. Apply to have your poem workshopped during the live workshop and enjoy the unique opportunity to share your work and receive live feedback. (Workshopped poems are selected based on merit and/or whether they provide instructive value.)
  • On-Demand Masterclasses. Enjoy exclusive access to video lessons and curriculum materials, as they become available. 
  • What does it cost? Only $34.99 a month. Click here to join now!

Express your truth, find your voice, tap into ancient symbols, practice self-compassion through writing, channel grief into art, and write your best life into being.

Online Poetry Workshop Curriculum

Janice’s Online Poetry Workshop is inspired by the MFA and creative writing curriculum offered at the college and university level. While the course is accessible to beginners, it offers tools and opportunities for growth for writers at all stages in their writing journey. Let’s take a closer look at our online poetry workshop curriculum.

Every online poetry workshop will include a reading of a selected poem and discussion of what makes the poem work. Through this method, you will learn how to read a poem as poets, rather than just as readers. Learning how to read a poem as a poet will help you become a better writer. During the reading, we focus on how the poem works at the level of the sentence and word. What are some concepts we’ll cover in our online poetry workshop?

Here are a few topics I’ll be covering in the coming months:

  • The Mot Juste, or “Just Right Word”
  • Finding and Trusting Your Voice
  • Finding Your Diamonds
  • Frankenstein Poems
  • The Rhythm of a Sentence
  • Tapping Into Ancient Symbols 
  • Self-Compassion Through Writing
  • Transforming Trauma through Art
  • Channeling Anger at Injustice into Poetry
  • Poetry as Political Activism
  • Write Your Life into Being
  • Writing a Love Poem
  • Facing Fears Through Poetry
  • Poetry as Vision Board
  • Writing the Elegy or Grief Poem
  • Introduction to Poetic Forms: The Sonnet
  • Introduction to Poetic Forms: The Villanelle
  • Rhyming, Slant Rhyme, and Not Rhyming
  • Prose Poetry
  • The Idea of Order: Strategies to Edit Your Work
  • Journaling Toward Poetry
  • The Power of Rhetorical Devices (Simile, Metaphor, Alliteration, Paradox, and more!)
  • The Withheld Image
  • Ars Poetica
  • Ekphrasis
  • Pastiche
  • Haiku: Poetry as Meditation
  • The Art of Paying Attention
  • Publishing Your Poetry

After the lesson, I will select a few poems submitted to the online poetry workshop and we’ll apply the tools from our lesson to edit and refine these poems. This aspect of the online poetry workshop allows you to gain insight into how to improve your first drafts and learn about common issues that arise in poems. By practicing the art of finding what works and what doesn’t work in other poems, you’ll grow as a writer.

Finally, students who cannot attend the live Zoom class will receive a link to the recording. Students who submit their work for feedback will receive an email with personalized feedback from the instructor. Online poetry workshops are held on the last Sunday of every month. Writers receive feedback after the Zoom workshop is held.

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What if I Want to Write Fiction, Non-Fiction, or Memoir? Is An Online Poetry Workshop Right for Me?

Janice Greenwood’s Online Poetry Workshop can help all kinds of writers improve their craft.

As a writer of non-fiction, memoir, book reviews, and poetry, I believe that having a firm grasp of language at its most basic level is essential. Learning how to write poetry allows you to pay attention to your writing at the level of the sentence and the word, a skill needed for all types of writing. Without taking poetry workshops, I wouldn’t have been able to become the published freelance writer I am today. Thanks to my lessons in poetry, I have been able to make my living as a freelancer in Hawai’i, publish my writing in diverse publications, and receive thrilling writing opportunities.

Whether you’re just getting started and want to find your voice, want to explore writing in a structured way, want to get your writing published or get launched as a freelancer, or are trying to polish a manuscript to apply to an MFA program, Janice’s Online Poetry Workshop can help you work toward your goals. The fact that my students have come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of goals and experiences is a benefit to the writing community and class environment.  

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About Your Instructor

Janice Greenwood, your online poetry workshop instructor.

Your Online Poetry Workshop is led by Janice Greenwood, a published poet who holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University. Greenwood is the author of Relationship: A Poetry Book. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and a finalist for a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship. Janice worked on the editorial board of Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art and interned at The New Yorker Magazine where she worked in the library and wrote abstracts for the magazine’s website. She has taught poetry workshops and writing in a range of settings, including Columbia University’s Columbia Artist/Teachers program, Mohawk College, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and more.

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