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Janice Greenwood is a legal content writer and law firm blog writer. She holds an MFA in creative writing from Columbia University and has published her work in national web and print outlets. She specializes in offering her legal clients original, unique, compelling, and well-researched blog articles and practice area landing pages for their law firm websites. Janice has written original blogs and articles for a wide range of legal practices, including environmental law firms, class action law firms, personal injury law firms, divorce law firms, criminal defense law firms, business law firms, intellectual property law firms, employment law firms, estate planning law firms, and more. For over the past nine years Janice has written hundreds of law firm blog articles and practice area landing pages for clients across the country.

Janice lives in Hawai’i, where she has written about social and environmental issues including the importance of regenerative agriculture for a more food secure Hawai’i (she worked with a local farmer to write a $250,000 HDOA grant), the health risks of pesticide use (drawing from toxicology studies and research), and is currently working on a book-length project.

Janice is a legal content writer who only works with a handful of clients each month. She crafts compelling, original, and thought-provoking content for their law firm blogs and websites. If you are looking for legal content and blogs that can set your law firm apart, we should chat. If you want to learn more about Janice’s legal content writing services, book a free initial consultation to request a quote. Or e-mail Janice at


Legal Content Writing Helps with Organic Search

Janice Greenwood is a legal content writer who helps law firms develop their brand voice and increase traffic to their websites. Original legal content can set your law firm apart. Janice has covered a wide range of topics for law firms practicing in diverse legal areas. For example, Janice has written about toxic torts, fracking, water contamination, and pharmaceutical recalls for class action lawyers and environmental law firms.

  • She has explored how big business shapes trucking best practices and how violation of trucking laws affects human safety for personal injury lawyers.
  • For her criminal defense clients, she has written about the ways AI in criminal sentencing promotes racial bias. She has also investigated the role of defective drug testing in wrongful convictions. She had looked at the ways that police training may continue to promote racial bias.
  • Her work for employment lawyers includes exploring the ways sexual discrimination impacts female startups seeking venture capital and the ways in which the #metoo movement has shaped employment policies and procedures.
  • Janice’s immigration law firm blog articles have explored the intersections between criminal defense law, deportation defense, and immigration law.
  • Her estate planning articles have covered topics including financial planning for disability and finding deeper meaning during end-of-life planning.
  • Janice’s articles and blogs for divorce lawyers have included pieces about how collaborative divorce can draw from the tools of hostage negotiators to create better parenting plans and lead to more peaceful divorce settlements. 

Her articles creatively draw from scholarly law journals, primary sources, legal documents, case histories, and more. Because of Janice’s unique process, she offers her clients truly distinctive law firm blog articles. Her law firm blogs either add to an ongoing discussion in the legal field or creatively draw from original research to create the kind of thought-leadership content that sets her clients apart in local and national search.

Some of the law firm blog topics Janice Greenwood has covered include:

  • How Hostage Negotiation Strategies Can Help Collaborative Divorce Lawyers
  • Identifying Specific Water Contaminants Present in Fracking Sites and Their Health Risks (Drawn from Medical and Toxicology Research)
  • Some Questions from Moral Philosophy Still Unanswered by Self-Driving Vehicle Companies

Legal Content Writing Services that Go Above and Beyond

If you are looking for legal content writing services that go beyond what an agency or “content mill” can provide, we should chat. When it comes to posting law firm blogs and legal content to your website, quality is more important than quantity. The content on your website is a reflection on your law firm and shapes your brand perception. 

Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation.  You can also e-mail her at Janice offers new clients a free initial consultation. Let’s connect to discuss your needs and goals, brainstorm new blog topics, and create a legal content plan for your website that can truly set your law firm blog and law firm website apart.

Legal Content Writer

Janice Greenwood’s legal content writing services are tailored specifically to the needs of your law firm. Most law firm blogs are cluttered with “content mill” articles, many of which have simply been rewritten or spun-off from other law firm blogs. Janice is a legal content writer who only works with a handful of law firms each month to craft compelling and original articles for their law firm blogs. Her legal content writing services bring depth, originality, creativity, scope, and thought leadership to your law firm blog.

Most legal content writing services provide:

  • Practice Area Landing Pages
  • Informational Law Articles
  • Law Articles Answering Basic Client Questions
  • Articles on Legal Breaking News

Janice’s legal content writing services include the services above, but personally tailored to the unique value proposition that your law firm has to offer. Unfortunately, many legal content writing services create content that could work for almost any other lawyer practicing in your field.  Janice is a legal content writer interested in understanding what sets your law firm apart from the rest and incorporates your unique value proposition and branding into your content. Receive leading legal content writing from a veteran law firm copywriter. Janice has written for law firms for over nine years. To learn more about Janice Greenwood’s legal content writing services, you can book a free consultation here. You can also e-mail her at to request a quote.

Law Firm Blog Writing Services

Janice Greenwood is a law firm blog writer with over nine years’ experience writing law firm blogs and articles. Janice has written law firm blogs for a wide range of legal clients. Her law firm blog clients include:

  • Divorce & Family Lawyers. Janice has written law firm law blogs on a range of topics pertaining to family law. She has also written about collaborative divorce, high-net-worth divorce, and financial literacy during divorce. 
  • Personal Injury Lawyers. Janice has written law firm blogs about toxic torts. Her legal content writing includes in-depth investigations on product recalls, FDA recalls, and pharmaceutical and pesticide lawsuits. She has also written law firm blogs about issues that can arise in the insurance claims process, including the use of AI in the claims process, and why having a lawyer is important when a claim is denied or underpaid. 
  • Intellectual Property Lawyers. Law firm blog topics Janice has covered include office actions, qualities of a distinctive trademark, and trademark search for startups.
  • Criminal Defense Lawyers. Janice has written criminal defense articles about the use of AI in criminal sentencing, racial profiling, black lives matter, and more. 
  • Employment Lawyers. Janice’s areas of focus for law firm blogs for employment lawyers have included sexual harassment lawsuits, the impact of the #metoo movement on policies and procedures in the workplace, discrimination in pay, the hiring process, and difficulties women startups have faced when seeking venture capital due to discrimination.
  • Immigration Lawyers. Janice’s law firm blogs for immigration lawyers have explored complex issues involving the intersection between criminal law, deportation defense, and immigration.
  • Estate Planning Lawyers. Janice has written estate planning law firm blogs on diverse topics, including disability trusts, high-net-worth estate planning, and finding meaning during the end-of-life planning process.
  • Business Lawyers. Law firm blog topics include corporate and LLC formation, contract law, business sales, real estate, homeowner association law, and more. 

These are just some of the many law firm blog article topics Janice has tackled. She has written hundreds of law firm blog articles over the nine plus years she has written legal content. Connect with Janice today for a free consultation to request a quote. She can also be reached at

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How Much Does a Law Firm Blog Cost?

The cost of legal content writing services will depend on the depth of the research required and the length of the article. Janice charges by the word and offers clients a free quote. Click here to book a free consultation and request a free quote. You can also request a quote by e-mailing her at

How Long Does it Take to Write Legal Content?

The turnaround time for articles will depend on the length of the article and the depth of the research required. Once you approve the quote, Janice can generally craft a 1200-word article within 5 business days and a 2400-word article within 10 business days. Rush services are available for an extra fee. Book a free consultation today. Or send her an e-mail at to request a quote.

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